The award winning art of Jerry Reinwand


The Story of Crystalline Porcelain

Shimmering and radiant!

Crystalline Porcelain was first produced more than 1500 years ago during the Ming and Chung Dynasties of China. Later produced in Germany during the "porcelain period", crystal glazed pottery was exported to the United States where it was considered a sign of wealth and prestige. Yet, despite its noble status, due to the complexity of creating the required crystallized glaze, this much sought after pottery was not produced in America until the early twentieth century. Even today, because of the difficulties involved with throwing porcelain and the complex techniques required to produce the crystals that ignite the glaze, Crystalline Porcelain remains a rare and much sought after treasure.

This is genuine Crystalline Porcelain pottery created by Jerry Reinwand who is currently hand throwing interpretations of this historic ceramic form. Reinwand abides by traditional techniques and creates shapes and forms that reflect this pottery's ancient heritage. Hand made and individually glazed, no two pieces are ever alike. Rather, each is an individual work of art that is affordable for the modern collector.

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